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Ramme is located approx. 40 minutes south of Oslo by car. We offer a broad range of culture-based experiences and attractions. Ramme Farm, for example, is an all-round working farm with livestock and fowl, vegetable, gardening and a shop selling fresh and conserved farm produce, flowers and plants. You can stay overnight in our uniquely designed rooms at Ramme Fjordhotell and take advantage of our many offers, such as guided tours, exhibitions, concerts and theatrical performances. 

Ramme is a multi faceted arts and culture centre with ties to the farm’s history, surrounding cultural landscapes and international artistic projects. Edvard Munch’s home has become a natural element of this cultural and historical site. The art gallery is an arena for promoting Munch’s art by exhibiting original works by the artist in the surroundings in which the art was created and where the artist painted many of his most important works. It will also provide visitors with a unique experience of Munch in his natural environment.

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Edvard Munchs life in Hvitsten

Edvard Munch bought the Petersminde property located at Nedre Ramme in Hvitsten in the autumn of 1910. The property is located on a beautiful spot on the eastern shore of Oslo Fjord bordered by forests to the north and the sea to the southwest. He finally found the peace and quiet he was searching for, which formed the basis for an important change in his artistic style. Very little is mentioned in Norwegian art history about his time at Ramme, despite the fact that he painted several of his most magnificent works here. Archaeological excavations at Ramme in 2012-13 have revealed new knowledge of this period in his life and work. This will be promoted and conveyed through our cultural activities and exhibitions.

Alongside the rehabilitation and renovation of the house itself, 

intended to allow the public to enter Munch’s  personal space, 

I have also created cultural heritage trails so the public can follow in Munch’s footsteps. 

I hope to rebuild some of the important buildings that were torn down after Munch died. 

The final goal is to provide the public with a better experience of Munch’s artistic life in natural and inspiring surroundings. 

Petter Olsen

Following in the footsteps of Edvard Munch

A cultural trail has been established at "Nedre Ramme": In Munch's footsteps. It has been realised with funds from  Sparebank Foundation DNB and is a collaboration with Vestby municipality.

Edvard Munch bought the property "Nedre Ramme", in 1910 and kept it until his death in 1944. Here he created works of art in a vitalist style, with nature and people painted in bright colors.

On the cultural trail's main sign you will find information about Munch's life and work at Ramme. You will also see relevant works of art and photographs. There is a map of the area showing the trail, its location and signs. Along the path you will find signs with photographs and reproductions of Munch's artwork. These signs show selected works and photographs from Munch's time at Ramme. They are located where they belong in the terrain.

More about Edvard Munch at Ramme, the artworks he made here, his life and models can be seen at our exhibitions in Ramme Billedgalleri or you can join the guided Munch walk.

For booking of private guided tour contact post@ramme.no or phone nr +47 64 98 32 00

Earth to table

Organic fresh food is central to our culinary philosophy. We aim to satisfy Debio's gold standard for organic food, which means that at least 90% of the raw materials offered are organic. Menus is based on local seasonal fresh products from Ramme Farm and other selected local producers. 

Ramme fjord hotel

Come to be enchanted and stay the night. Ramme fjordhotell has 42 guest rooms, divided into the two buildings Herberget and Brenneriet. Suite and room have a high standard with great emphasis on details and design of the interior. The rooms are historically decorated with antiques. Here you can choose between single rooms, double rooms, twin rooms and suites.

Art Gallery

Welcome to an exhibition of art, inspired by and created in Hvitsten. Almost everyone from the heyday of Norwegian art was here, worked here and lived an artistic life here - Edvard Munch, Christian Krohg, Frits Thaulow, Oscar Wergeland, Hans Gude and Theodor Kittelsen, to name a few.The exhibition Munch by the fjord shows summery motifs and working people around Hvitsten from Petter Olsen's own collection.

Concerts in the Art Gallery

Season 2023 — Bridging
This year's program puts light on the importance of art and music for community and identity across cultures and countries. With the leading performers on stage, we invite you to experience profound, great chamber music with us. Welcome!